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Mobile OS, UI/UX design, Passion Project

Assisting people in overcoming fear and build trust in autonomous vehicles

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UI/UX Design

Objective: How might we encourage and attract more people in taking self-driving vehicles?

Solution : Design a mobile app that focuses on helping people overcome their fear and build trust in autonomous vehicles.

Duration : 5 weeks

Type : Individual Project, App Design aimed at both drivers and passengers

Skills : Persona, User Journey Map, System Map, Wireframe, Concept Development, User Testing, Mobile Design

Tools : Figma, Indesign, Photoshop


Autonomous vehicles are gradually finding their way onto our roads. Many companies today continue testing advanced automated vehicles, and a great deal of work remains to be done to ensure their safe operation before they are made publicly available.

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are steadily becoming more capable, and will gradually shifting the traditional driver role from human piloting to driverless future. There is no doubt that autonomous vehicles provides personal travel convenience, comfort and social energy saving. While the technology, safety and reliability of AVs have experienced great development, user experience still stands as a critical and indispensable space as it comes close to mass consumption. Social acceptance and product popularization will depend on the design experience around trust, comfort and feasibility. 

Driveless Roadmap

Current Solutions & Stakeholders

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Design Opportunity


There is a design opportunity that help people overcome their cognitive biases and ungrounded fears. 
What should I UI/UX designer do to build a sense of trust in self-driving vehicles, attracting more customers, and meet their needs? The market lacks an app to solve these problems.

How might we use design thinking to build a human-centered auto-pilot taxi ordering experience to help people overcome their fear, eliminate prejudice, and build trust, so as to attract more people in taking self-driving vehicles?


I interviewed some people who often take a taxi in their lives. Understand whether they are willing to ride in self-driving vehicles, how they feel about that, where their fear comes from, and what kind of different service or equipment they want to experience in the car. Both riders and drivers have their own thoughts and opinions regarding the current vehicle conditions. Understanding new expectations, concerns and reflection they might have helps us find better design and problem-solving ideas.



I experienced the complete ride-ordering process and the current experience through simple self-experience and observation, and I also learned about the current situation of drivers through interviews.

INSIGHTS from user riders journey maps

INSIGHTS from user riders journey maps

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Promotion the auto-pilot
Add a feature to show riders that other people are also taking autonomous vehicles.

Taking Control
More control can be returned to the riders, allowing them to control temperature, adjust music, and also enjoy entertainment.

Riders could enjoy music/FM/video/games during their journey.

INSIGHTS from user drivers journey maps

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Set Rules
Allow the owners to set the range, time and maximum speed for their cars. 

Monitoring System
Allow car owners to monitor the direction and situation of the car.  The monitor will also be in charged by a hired company where an employee monitors multiple cars at once.

Show Profit Statistics
Show car owners the income statistics of their autonomous cars.

System Map


The system of ride-sharing platform and auto-pilot was mapped out to analyze the relationship, interaction and value flow between each stakeholders under the big pictures. The insights for building a new system was pulled out.

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INSIGHTS from system map

New Eco-system of Ride-sharing system
With the development of user’s needs about auto-pilot taxis, auto-pilot company could play more important role and take a share of ride-sharing system. Taxi custom, test ride, and to B business services could be better designed to co-create value with other stakeholders. 

Tech Company Participated Platform
There is a design opportunity for ride-sharing platform to invite auto-pilot technology company to build new platform and co-create new technology-driven value.


After the research process, all insights form persona, user journey map  and system map were synthesized for detailed design principles.

For riders

Key concept

For riders who have bias, fear and untrust of self-driving vehicles, our app helps them to increase their trust and curious. Unlike the current apps, riders are provides with real-time monitoring, flexible control systems, in-time service and various entertainment facilities, which will make the riding experience more comfortable.


Auto-pilot Promotion
Taking Control

For drivers

Key concept

For drivers who care about their vehicles, apart from the deficiencies current apps have, our app provides a a complete set of features including security settings, real-time monitoring and itinerary review for them.


Set Rules

Monitoring System

Show Profit Statistics





Autonomous Vehicle Selection

Riders are able to choose the type of vehicle they want to ride on the home page. Green dots on the map can be selected by the riders. There are several precise boarding positions that help riders quickly and accurately locate the vehicles.

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Safety Instruction


Safety instructions regarding autonomous vehicles. Riders are provided with and required to understand the functions of autonomous vehicles and the safely regulations to ensure a effective and safe ride.


Car owners are able to check the current condition of their vehicles at any time, including fuel consumption, speed and driving range. The screen can also be easily switched to check other vehicles.


Car owners are able to check the current condition of their vehicles at any time, including fuel consumption, speed and driving range. The screen can also be easily switched to check other vehicles.

Real-time Navigation

Provide real-time driving conditions of vehicles and road’s status ahead. Remind riders of possible road conditions in advance, so that riders can clearly identify the safety level, and take it more assured.

Function Settings





The buttons on the right line provide conveniet on-board service for riders. The functions inlude control settings, entertainment facilities, as well as online chat and telephone services.

On-board Service


Income Details

Check your income statistics frequently helps to better planning vehicle launch and gain more profit. 


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